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Spiral River Practitioners

Dena Rain Adler

Dena Rain Adler, M.A., ATR, CMBM, a Registered Art Therapist and Certified Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner (, believes that at the heart and root of self-care is the capacity to cultivate joy and potential.  She provides health and wellness life coaching to discover the scientific basis of the mind-body connection and teaches and nurtures simple, powerful mind-body skills to respond to stress/anxiety more effectively, enhance self-awareness and foster healthy relationships.  The restorative practices are evidenced-based drawing from healing traditions including breath work and movement, mindfulness meditations, guided imagery and visualizations, healthy eating, and creative expressive arts.  Dena has over thirty years of experience with a specialty with children, youth and families.  Her experience includes supporting those with trauma, disabilities, and life challenges. In the past six years, she has specialized in foster care and adoption. Dena has presented nationally and globally on mindfulness, expressive therapies and resiliency. She works with individuals, facilitates 8-12 week groups (all ages) and offers workshops and trainings.

​Visit Dena's website at  

Lisa D. Maynard

Lisa Maynard, LMSW, ACSW, TCTSY-F, a Licensed Social Worker,

has advanced training and expertise in trauma, attachment and adoption. She utilizes a person-centered approach, specializing in supporting women adjusting to life transitions including change in relationships,

spirituality, new parenting or empty nesting, change in career, separation or divorce.

Lisa serves individuals, couples, and families in need of support. She is certified in Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

(TCTSY), an adjunctive evidence-based intervention for treating complex trauma. Lisa integrates evidence-based therapies, meditation and mindfulness in her work with clients guiding them to explore life

challenges in a safe, supportive environment. An experienced trainer and speaker, Lisa is a senior consultant with the National Center for Adoption and Permanency, is on the Advisory Committee for the Adoption and Foster Family Coalition of New York. She is an Implementation Specialist with the Center for Adoption Support and Education, providing

free web-based adoption competency training

across the U.S. Visit Lisa's websites at ​,

Luna Kristine Pink

Spiral River is honored to have an Artist-in Residence that lives with authenticity, compassion and a love for nature and the mysteries of life. Luna is an Artist and Art Therapist  who enjoys storytelling and creativity to stretch and explore the self.

About Spiral River

At Spiral River, we invite you to be on an evolving path for wholeness and fulfillment; we weave elements of Yoga and Movement, Expressive Creative Arts and Nature and Wilderness Ventures in heart-opening ways for our souls, mind and bodies to intertwine. The experiences are sensory and uplifting. There is time for deep inner work, time to be creative, time for opportunities to reflect, and time to connect with others. 


The source of Spiral River flows from the life stories within us and the power to draw on those stories for transformation, healing, healthy change and compassion.


The Spiral is a moving map of our life journey; each passage of time and transition enhances the other increasing our awareness and understanding. The River is a metaphor for life itself. It reflects our story within and invites us to keep moving; to explore and to navigate with courage, balance and awe.  

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